How to Synchronize eMoods Phone App Data with eMoods Insights

Please note that data must be manually synchronized between the eMoods app and the eMoods Insights website. One of the reasons for this separation is that the eMoods app stores data only on your phone, while Insights is cloud-based, so an automatic sync isn't possible. Both applications are completely private, but some people like the added assurance that their data is stored only on their phone. To learn more, read up on Your Data and eMoods.

Export Your Initial Data

First, you need to export your app data and save it to the computer or device from which you're accessing Insights. Please refer to Importing/Exporting Your eMoods Data.

Importing into the eMoods Insights Web App

Once you've exported your current eMoods data, log in to the Insights web app. From there, click 'Settings' on the sidebar menu inside Insights and "Import from old mobile app". Then select the export file you've saved on your local device.

This will then upload your exported data into Insights.

Importing into the eMoods Mobile App

Once you've exported your current eMoods data and have it downloaded locally on your device, you can tap "Data Import/Restore" from the "Settings" screen and follow the instructions on the screen.

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