Your Data and eMoods

Your data is NEVER accessible to the public, neither on the emoods Mobile App or on the Insights web app. The specifics can be read in our Insights privacy policy and the eMoods mobile app privacy policy.

Your data does not automatically synchronize between the eMoods apps and the eMoods Insights website. To get your data from the mobile app to Insights (or vice versa), or to convert your data into a *.CSV for spreadsheet manipulation, you'll need to do a manual import/export of your eMoods data

eMoods Mobile App Data is Locally Stored Only

The eMoods mobile app stores data only on your phone.

If you have app backups turned on on your phone, your data may be stored on iCloud/Drive (protected by your AppleID/GoogleID). You can disable automatic back ups for eMoods through the respective iCloud/Drive services.

You may also set up a Dropbox backup which again is protected by your Dropbox ID.

The last way data may leave your device is when you send an email report (to your doctor, for example) or export a full backup of all the app data and email it.

We recommend making manual back ups regularly to avoid data loss due to phone damage.

eMoods Insights Data is Cloud-Based

eMoods Insights data is stored online-- you're no longer storing data on your phone or computer, but it's more like a traditional website that stores your data in a secure cloud database. This way, you can retrieve it from anywhere you access that website.

Insights is protected by your email login, so no data is public. 

The data you record on Insights can be shared with anyone via email address, in PDF format or as a read-only Shared Profile. You can learn more about ways to share your Insights data in our article How to View a Shared Profile in eMoods Insights.

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