Sharing Data between Devices

Data is per Device

Your eMoods data is synced per device; this is done for privacy reasons so that you have full control of where and how your data is stored, without risking the vulnerabilities of cloud storage. If you want to create back ups or share from one device to another, you'll want to utilize our export/import feature. Please refer to our article on Exporting/Importing Your eMoods Data.

Patron Reactivation

If you're having difficulty getting a second (or third, or fourth) device to register your patron status, please refer to our Patron Status Reactivation article.

Auto-syncing / Cloud Storage Options

Some folks also utilize their phone's innate app data syncing feature, or upload/store their data back ups on services such as iCloud or Dropbox.

If you don't see that screen, please send us the confirmation email of your order so we can look into it for you! On Android there is no need to click this button (only iPhone).

Insights as an Alternative

Our Insights web app will allow for easy sharing of data with whomever you please.

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