How to View a Shared Profile in eMoods Insights

Once logged in, look for the "email / share log" text on the left sidebar to access data sharing options. For smaller screens, you may need to click the "..." icon to expand your menu options.

Export a Printable PDF

Exported PDFs can either be downloaded directly or emailed out. Emailed reports will be a PDF attachment.

Reports are generated for either the last 30 days or in monthly increments. You can change from the default "last 30 days" by clicking on the text or the arrow and selecting the desired month and year.

To download a report, select the desired time frame and click the download icon (a piece of paper with the corner folded and a downward pointing arrow).

To email a report, enter the email address and select "Share".

Give Online Access

To provide real time access to another person, enter their email under "Give a user access to my log" and click "share". They will receive an email invitation.

Viewing a Shared Profile

When an eMoods Insights user shares access to their log, the recipient will receive an email from with a link to create their free read-access profile.

The recipient will then need to sign up with the same email address (or else the inviter will need to re-invite the preferred email address); an email will be sent with a sign in link to eMoods Insights.

Once logged in, a list of shared profiles can be viewed by clicking "shared with me" on the left sidebar. Clicking on a name in the list will redirect you to that user"s eMoods log.

Revoking Shared Profile Access

To revoke access to eMoods Insights, navigate to the "email / share log" menu to see a list of users with access. Hover over the username and click the red trash can icon that appears.

The user will not be notified, they simply will no longer has access to the profile when they log in next.

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