Tracking Psychotic Symptoms

What are Psychotic Symptoms?

The symptoms of psychosis or a psychotic episode will differ between individuals. For some, this option is used to track incidents of hallucination, severe concentration loss, or paranoia, but you'll want to review the definition as it applies to your situation with your medical professional(s).

Tracking Psychotic Symptoms

The psychotic symptoms checkbox is used to indicate whether you experienced psychosis for that day.

It's recommended to add a time stamped note when you realize you've had a psychotic episode to describe what happened while your memory of it is recent.

Toggling Psychotic Symptoms Tracking

Not every individual needs to track psychotic symptoms; it can be toggled off in the settings menu through the 'Edit Default Tracking Points' option.

If you're still unsure whether this tracking point would be valuable for you, please talk to your medical professional.

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