Tracking Medications in eMoods

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Medications

Medications, supplements, and even caffeine or sugar can have a notable impact on mood and behavior. Correlating these changes need precise tracking, but not all medications are taken daily or in consistent dosages. 
Medications can be added, edited, or deleted from the "Settings" screen, under the header "Log Moods", and clicking "Edit Medications".
We provide a number of common medications by default, but you can manually enter anything you"d like, such as "coffee" or 'kitten therapy'.

Android devices will automatically append I, II, III, etc to medications with the same name to avoid duplication.

Changing a Medication Dose

Changing the dose of a pre-existing medication will not alter the dosage of any previous entries where you took that medication. However, you will see your "taken" dose in a red font on the log moods screen indicating it is different than the current "prescribed" dose.  
You can change the dose of a medication in two places:
  • From the "Log Moods" tab. Scroll down to the "Medications" section and tap "change" by a medication.  This changes the dose for only that day and you will see your taken dose in a red font. 
  • From the "Settings" screen, under the header "Log Moods", click the "Edit Medications" tag and select the edit button by a medication.  This changes the dose for any date that the medication wasn't marked as taken, including future dates.
Note that if you took a different dose of a medication than your prescribed dose and you UNCHECK that medication and RECHECK that medication it will log at the CURRENT prescribed dose.

Hiding Medications

The "hiding" feature is a great choice for tracking intermittent, seasonal, or past therapies. 'Hiding' a medication will remove it as an option for daily logging and will also 'hide' that medication on graphs and reporting. If a user should ever need to revisit historical data on a hidden medication, they should toggle it back to 'visible'.
Medication 'hiding' can be toggled from the "Edit Medications" screen.

Deleting Medications

This option will completely wipe all trace of that medication from your eMoods logging, including past usage. We do not recommend this! In most cases, we recommend hiding the medication instead, so that you maintain historical data.

Tracking Multi-dose "As Needed" Medications with Custom Tracking Points

For those cases where dosage isn't being tracked but instead the number of times something is taken over a day, you can use the custom tracking points to track how many doses you've taken.  
For example, one can track a point labeled 'cups of coffee' in a day as a numerical tracking point and increment for each cup imbibed.

Tracking Multi-dose "As Needed" with Yes/No Tracking Points

As an alternative to a numerical tracking point, you can create a number of medication entries up to the prescribed maximum daily amount. For example, if a medication if prescribed up to 3 times a day, you can create three yes/no tracking points like so:
  • Caffeine Booster 1
  • Caffeine Booster 2
  • Caffeine Booster 3
Then, each time you take the medication, you can check "yes" to have it track as taken or "no" if you decided not to take it. 
Entries that are not explicitly marked yes or no show up in your Monthly Report as a blank; many use a blank entry to imply "not taken".

Tracking Differing/Split Doses with Custom Tracking Points

In cases where the dosages of a medication differ (i.e. an as-needed basis where one might take half a pill instead of a full), you can utilize the medication menu again with duplicate entries. For example:
  • 100mg of Caffeine (dose listed at 80mg, am)
  • 30mg of Caffeine (dose listed at 30mg, pm)
  • 50mg of Caffeine (dose listed at 50mg, as needed)
If you're expecting to take multiple as-needed booster doses- i.e.four 30mg doses of caffeine over the day, you may want to use the custom tracking point and have the name be '# of Times Took 30mg Caffeine' and add 1 every time you take it.

Auto-logging Daily Medications

You can toggle this option from the Settings Screen under the header "Log Moods"-- before you navigate into "Edit Medications".
If enabled, "every day" non-hidden medications will automatically be marked as taken. This does not affect "As Needed" medications.


eMoods has an in-app Reminders feature to prompt daily on medications, entry of notes, and more. Note, you must give eMoods the appropriate permissions on your device to effectively use reminders.
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