Our eMoods services offer a reminder system to help with prompt tracking of mood, Tracking Medications, and daily thoughts.

eMoods App

The Android version allows you to set labels for reminders that notify via the device app.

The reminders menu can be accessed via the "Settings" then by scrolling down to "Other Settings" and clicking "Edit Reminders".

The default behavior for an eMoods reminder is to make a notification sound and then pop up a notification on your phone at the time indicated, with the description given at the time of creation. This notification will not repeat, but it will remain on the screen until dismissed.

As of 9/24/19, reminders are simple daily notices. If you require a repeating alarm or an alert on certain days, we recommend utilizing the native clock/calendar features of your device.


Please note that the default behavior of eMood‚'s reminder system may be altered by the settings on your device itself. If you're having trouble, please check that:

  • The app has permission to pop up notifications on your device
  • Your 'do not disturb' setting is not overriding app notifications

eMoods Insights

eMoods Insights allows you to set labels for email and SMS reminders.

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